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  • set0

    Don't tell Son.

    "Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin"…

    • Understandably Daily Mail readers are having a hard time at the moment ...
    • http://www.dailymail…Bluejam
    • The Daily Mail comments section is like /pol/ but smells of Tweed from Lenthéric and contains marginally less racially-charged pornography.face_melter
    • don't summon the beast!GuyFawkes
    • face_melter - you do crack me up on a daily basis. I wish I knew you in real life (in a non weird way)fadein11
    • there're three argumentative Brits on here who I suspect f_m wouldn't want anything to do with in real life. You and I are two of them. Can you guess the third?detritus
    • also - never meet your heroes. I've been resoundingly disappointed by every QBNer I've ever met.detritus
    • }:)
      I'm only saying that because I don't think any of the cunts visit here any more. Except, perhaps, flashbender?
    • I was disappointed by SpookyTim in real life. Not going to lie.set
    • Oh - you do realise he's still a regular here? Different username, doesn't comment as he used to.detritus
    • I miss his eloquence and obscure fantasyset
    • Tell the cunt to get involved in the blog thread. We knows he loves writing. He nows he loves writing. I love reading it.set
    • I'm a lot funnier here than I am in real life. What you read here is how my mind works, in reality my job has the hilarious side effect of making me miserable.face_melter
    • And to be honest, det, fade, et al, I would have nothing against meeting you flids - everyone acts the cunt online, real life is always different.face_melter
    • I'm a right cunt in real life too, to be fair.set
    • You are a v.good writer face, a superb command of the English language and humour. Do you write at all for pleasure?fadein11
    • as I've said before, face, I would buy your book if you write it. you are wasting those skill on us plebs. you have a talent. just do it.Gnash
    • Short, observational essays a la David Sedaris. Or prose like Confederacy of Dunces by JK TooleGnash
    • ... but with a bit of a punk aesthetic (is what comes to my mind)Gnash
    • do itGnash
    • He totally should, but is probably still too busy complaining about his life to actually make it better ;-)set
    • Alright lads, thank you for the kind words but calm down - you can all suck me off one at a time. Writing has never really crossed my mind tbh...face_melter
    • ... but I am more drawn to the stream of consciousness Burroughs / Thompson style of writing. I have always been a visuals guy - illustration / 3D and whatnot..face_melter
    • ... so maybe it's time to try a more cerebral outlet. Who knows, I could be the next MES, marry a fit Greek bird and become a living leg-end.face_melter
    • same thing. you have the knack of creating visuals with words as well. So far all i've seen from you are 'sketches' but it's very clear you can draw in prose.Gnash
    • Pick up Barrel Fever, or, Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris. Fuck, post your address and I'll send you my copiesGnash
    • Cheers Gnash - i'll check those out, kinda curious about this now.face_melter
    • Right, I read a sample page of Barrel Fever on Amazon and i'm instantly smitten. He definitely appeals to my sense of the absurd. Thanks for the recommendation.face_melter
    • :)Gnash
    • Sedaris is great - If you listen to podcasts, etc, search for Sedaris on This American Life, which is where I first came across him.detritus

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