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  • PonyBoy2

    I've noticed my patience has grown as I've been placing in the money in about 7 in 10 sit-and-go c♠sh games... I tend to not do as well in real life games... wish the States would legalize more online poker sites so I don't have to deposit my money through some Chinese bank and then wait up to a month+ to receive a check... because that requires patience.

    • lol@Chinese bank
      ever heard about skrill?
    • Cory Feldman doppelgänger? Spins terrible music?PonyBoy
    • i slow play dudes like a mother fucker, but i gotta switch tables since good players figure my shit out, but by then i already have a decent amount of their chimoldero
    • I play all types of hands and 3-bet with air ... sometimes I'm the windshield and sometimes I'm the bug. I play mostly 2/5 cash games.Ramanisky2
    • always tough to put me on any specific hand.Ramanisky2
    • I'm impossible to read cuz I forget my own cards very often...pango
    • Qbn poker night?pango
    • if someone knows where to set up a room for qbners to play... I'd be therePonyBoy
    • OH snapRamanisky2

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