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  • Beeswax2

    forget about trading and hodling.
    I made money only by joining ICOs.
    Find a solid ICO and buy their coins.

    And if you join one pls let us know. There's too much fake information out there written by people who promote ICOs for bounties.

    In the meantime I'm waiting to join Bankera ICO that's going to end very soon and will get traded right after on their own exchange.
    Current value of a token is 0.02 euros

    • <inteliboy
    • How much did you make?yuekit
    • ten moniesset
    • Which ICOs have you bought?HAMT
    • Have you seen any ICOs set up so you can buy with fiat or are they all BTC or ETH trades?R_Kercz
    • My 300 turned into 2700 as of todays value in 2 months with 2 ico. Simple token and Qash. Right now bankera accepts fiat buys thru their xchange Spectro.Beeswax
    • Did you sell it and profit?monospaced
    • Not yet, waiting to join one more ICO and then I will cash in some.Beeswax
    • Didn't the ones you invested in fall in the recent crash though?yuekit
    • Thanks for the infoR_Kercz

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