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  • PonyBoy0

    Just started watching Altered Carbon on Netflix... about 20 mins in... some beautiful visuals but can't help but cough the words *cough *cough *Blade *cough *Runner *cough

    • although the stories are nothing alike... the city scapes / vehicles etc... very BR. Not hating it... just hard to see past the similarities.PonyBoy
    • I’m keen to watch too, but your posting halfway thru ep 1 says something, perhaps?!?MrT
    • It's almost like cyberpunk noir has a distinct aesthetic.i_monk
    • All inspired by ghost in the shell (anime)pango
    • so is it worth a watch or no?Gnash
    • All inspired by Neuromancer, which was published 5 years before Ghost in the Shell (the manga).i_monk
    • Anyway I'm liking Altered Carbon, but it's not the greatest.i_monk
    • ^ I watch Dark based on your review -- loved itGnash
    • It’s good... worth a watch, Gnash... just not ‘awesome’ if-you-will... some really inspiring moments (the art)... some boring moments: meh acting etcPonyBoy
    • cheers, ponyGnash

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