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  • werkr0

    btw the Kalium theme is great if you want all-things-for-all-people but my theme is intended to leave all that bloatware out and make it FAST AS HELL by focusing entirely on the text/image/video content alone and ignoring all the extra 'bloggy' stuff.

    • Yep Kalium is super bloated, it can do anything. Visual Composer isn't for everyone either. I'd go even cheaper tbh and pick up the artist/fadein11
    • photog/illustrator market. Theme looks good to me but there is a lot of competition out there.fadein11
    • thanks fadein!werkr
    • Understandable. :) Price was my main comparison considering the features of Kalium. But I agree with what you've said here.mg33
    • mg thanks for the tips here bro, very valuable insightwerkr
    • I have used Kalium before though mg33, it is a great theme, just overkill for some sites.fadein11

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