Solo: A Star Wars Story

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  • Bluejam0

    • better than i thoughtBluejam
    • Yo. I've cracked it! They'll release a shitload of prequels - R1, Fett, Obi Wan etc. then pile all the characters into a banal 3-part epic Infinity War-style.face_melter
    • Then use some dimensional time travel fuckery to tie the two SW universes together. Wait. ToTiTeeToo. That's a droid name. I'm practically spunking ideas!face_melter
    • surprised no teases of Jabba, Boba etc. but it has promise phaps. He will be the downfall though, Mr Cheese face which Ford never had.fadein11
    • hahaBluejam
    • Looks like the storyline may be Western style train robbery. Thank fuck no new weapon to blow up this time haha.fadein11
    • Awww yeah.....Akagiyama
    • nah. i'm done with sw.hans_glib
    • smells like teen spirit?kingsteven
    • The movie no one asked forMaaku
    • just nit i to the han actor at all. is he vritish? ughsince1979
    • I was out once they were dodging the giant tentacles.ETM
    • My piss poor comedy stylings aside, I enjoyed that - I like how clean the OG Falcon looked.face_melter
    • Looks good to meCygnusZero4
    • These spinoffs are better than the sequel trilogyCygnusZero4
    • Huh. Looks fun!detritus
    • One of the bad guys looked like Rammellzee.PhanLo
    • Can't wait to never see it. shrug emojiSteveJobs

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