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  • Bindegal1

    Another day at the radio station, streamed live on youtube..

    • context? youtube link?Krassy
    • http://www.dailymail…Bindegal
    • Coward. Defending Stalin punching an older man.Salarrue
    • nothing wrong with punching older men they are mostly barely tolerable cunts.kingsteven
    • he swang first, fuck himset
    • yeah but set that was more like a bitch slap.notype
    • dude punching bagged his face.notype
    • If a dude swings at you like that, even if it's a slap, then he's getting laid out as far as I'm concerned..set
    • If you had time to stop and ponder it you'd probably push him away and see what he did next, but in the moment... fuck himset
    • I think it's fair enough. I mean I don't know what the guy said, but you can't swing at people like that and not expect to get beat backset
    • yupmonospaced
    • yup!mugwart
    • Hitting back - only a weak willed man would do that, be the bigger man and never hit back.shapesalad
    • A fight is only worth fighting if you win. So for the old man to feel so strongly as to hit a bigger younger man. It's best to wonder what the young man said.shapesalad
    • and for the younger man to wonder why his words bring rage to him.shapesalad
    • lol @ that old fuck hits like a girlGuyFawkes
    • Since I hit 40 I realised I'm an old man too, so have allowed myself to argue with old farts without guilt.detritus

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