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  • detritus1

    Nothing — I haven't bought anything from Amazon in years, and don't ever intend to again.

    • what happened?capn_ron
    • To me? Nothing - used to use them quite a lot in the 90s. Now though, they don't pay tax, treat employees terribly and savagely undercut other businesses.detritus
    • As Bezos himself said: "Your margin is my opportunity". I'm not sure I want to help support the creation of a 'MomCorp'.detritus
    • Amadonedbloc
    • you sentiment is why i stopped shopping at Walmart. I didn't think about Amazon doing the same shit. I barely use it anyway.capn_ron
    • Yeah, it's likely wholly futile, and I'm sure I'm generally quite hypocritical about my various (likely competing) stances, but.. *shrug* Ya gots ta, right? :\detritus
    • i feel ya. i go out of my way to hit up target and avoid walmart so i know exactly how you feel.capn_ron
    • same det. wtf is with the downvotes? fuck amazon.kingsteven
    • I love me some Amazon free same day deliveries. Sometimes 2x a week. Fuck walking 2 blocks to the store to pay way more for the same shit.monospaced
    • Then I hope that you enjoy the hollow, synthetic dystopia you're helping turn your neighbourhood into. I'm not sure your poorer neighbours will...detritus
    • I spent a weekend recently going around a lot of the newly developed areas of LDN and I didn't like what I saw. Bleak, corporate pay as you go lifestyles. Emptydetritus
    • My over-riding thought in recent weeks has been 'synthetic'. Now I can't get it out of my head whenever I see new, planned developments. To hell in a handbasketdetritus
    • I try and buy all my stuff from local shops. if the local bookstore doesn't have it in stock I ask them to order it for me.Gnash
    • https://www.cnet.com…Gnash
    • lol I live in the heart of Manhattan. amazon isn’t changing shit, just making things convenient.monospaced
    • Aye, you're ok!detritus
    • to be fair, most of manhattan became a hollow, synthetic dystopia a decade agomonospaced
    • It's happening here in LDN and I really dislike it. Was in a dev'd area that was filled with chains in expensive buildings - literally no chance for small bizsdetritus
    • It's like, the only way to get a concession is to have a multi-million pound business plan. Independents will be fucked in future if it continues unabated.detritus
    • Agreed. What’s the point of a neighborhood if rents won’t allow for shops, laundry, corner store or barber? It’s insanity.monospaced

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