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  • exador128

    • that would be me, me and missus, and me and the kids :)exador1
    • So how WAS 'Nam?detritus
    • You look like a nice guy, with a nice family, congratsOBBTKN
    • but, you're a mess sharing links ;)OBBTKN
    • Solid Old Schooler!BonSeff
    • You guys seem super happy and healthy. No easy feat!mugwart
    • lol.... yeah, bit of an old schooler me....
      the wife and I are in our mid 40's now :)
      both healthy and definitely happy :)
    • one of the benefits of growing older... I spend less time worrying about some things, and more time just enjoying life :)exador1
    • having your best friend for a wife is a definite plus as well :) together 25 years now....exador1
    • first foto...american psychooey
    • second photo...your daughter must look like her mother cause she doesn't look anything like you.oey
    • third photo...awesome. all so sweet. and nice smirking happy faces.oey
    • you look all pretty happy. congrats!oey
    • ... wow she does not look 40. (said with respect and zero testosterone!)mugwart
    • thanks guys :)
      -the kids get their looks from her side of the family for sure... :) most of the year, they look fairly light like me, but in the summer they
    • tan dark as fuck... and end up looking more like her side of the family for sure :)exador1
    • as for my wife :( yeah.. she definitely looks younger :) takes good care of herself, eats right and goes to the gym a lot :)
      we laugh a lot as a family as
    • well...the kids definitely grew up with a big sense of humor from the both of us :) my wife's pretty hilarious :) I think that's a huge part of any happy familyexador1
    • lol @ said with 0 testosteronepinkfloyd
    • she looks very young, good jobpinkfloyd
    • the 0 testosterone thing made me laugh my ass off too :)exador1
    • lol @mugwart!OBBTKN
    • ++GuyFawkes
    • yes, you guys look great! congratsfeel
    • secret agent+!% that first pic is an old one right? i see a lot more happiness in your eyes on the last two :)sted
    • I think your daughter looks quite a bit like you actually. Nice picsset
    • yupGuyFawkes
    • Punching.Raniator
    • Just to clarify, my 'Nam comment was just to do with your first photo looking like "I've seen some shit". Great pics, great Fam! xdetritus
    • lol, took me a minute to get the Nam comment, but i eventually got there lol :)exador1
    • that 1st shot was at a wedding...took a while to get there and was tired and a bit hangry at the time lol....thus, that photo :)exador1
    • and thanks for all the super nice comments guys :) totally appreciated :) i am indeed, a lucky guy :)exador1

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