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  • renderedred0

    enjoying this one

    • watched them all, pretty good stuffpockets
    • yeah i just binged watched whole thing couple nights ago as they are pretty short... liked it!dee-dubs
    • so did i :) i like the 20+ minute format. very good! great music all around.renderedred
    • A1 series, really goodBennn
    • Once again the trailer make it look like a comedy but its not. Why they always try to make funny trailers out of everything...Bennn
    • ^ You might not be British. So it's my duty to inform you, here we call that a dark comedy mate. It was constantly humorous no?Hayzilla
    • yes it has humour in it, i know. but the trailer make it look like an american comedyBennn
    • Hey! That the boy who jerked off to kitty porn in black mirror!pango

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