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    I played a multiplayer game of the latest Call of Duty with my son and his friends.

    I didn't one kill.

    They felt sorry for me and we had another game. They decided that they would all use sniper rifles and no scopes.

    I got one kill.

    • I didn't 'get' one kill.Morning_star
    • ha! same here
      wish multiplayer lobbies could be defined by age, would have a better chance playing with people 40+ yrs old
    • so recognisable ;-)Calderone2000
    • lolGuyFawkes
    • The designers have a COD installed in their computers @work to fool around when a project hits the night every now and then. Exactly the same situation here...maquito
    • COD gives me headaches now. Things move around way to much, hard to focus. I can't. loldesmo
    • doesn't COD snap to a target when you use the scope?scarabin
    • you didn't drink the required 15 cans red bull before you playedfuturefood
    • I bet you didn't even hook up the mountain dew IV drip that came with the gamefuturefood
    • How old is he?pango
    • 15Morning_star
    • im the same with sports games, those madden games are complex as shit, I'll PWN those kids at CoD thoughGuyFawkes
    • I'd kick their ass in half life!pango

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