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    fuck facebook. really.

    the other day i received some spam from the bush hall, an event venue in west london. they were advertising an 80s themed NYE bash, seemed really cheesy, and i forwarded the email to my wife as a joke, with some sarcastic comment.

    a few days later i got a message via instagram that i had 'liked' the event on my facebook page.

    the facebook page is under my hans_glib moniker. i haven't logged into the account for years - i can't even remember the login details anymore. up till the other day the last entry was "i think it's time to quit facebook." after some auto-report of buying candles or celery or some such inanery.

    so somehow facebook has taken the action of forwarding an email under one name and turned it into a (totalluy unwarranted) "like" on an account in a different name.

    if that isn't properly sinister, what is?

    • The suggesitons from multiple sources that FB is advertising products based upon illicitly-recorded snatches of conversations?detritus
    • The likelihood that it never deletes profiles , keeping them as well as speculative guesses as 'shadow accounts' so that EVERYONE is tracked, member or not?detritus
    • https://cdn1.i-scmp.… ?detritus
    • install some browser plugins
      ghostery, privacy badger, noscript are a few.

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