Graphic Design is dying

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  • Bennn1

    "Online graphic design startup Canva is now worth $1 billion"…

    Canva is getting bigger and bigger. Pick from thousands of free
    templates for every occasion... No need to hire and pay a graphic designer anymore! YAY!

    • as read on their website: "Thanks to Canva, everyone can be a designer"Bennn
    • Sites like this make it harder for the bottom 30% of our industry. If your clients actually think this is a good replacement for you, you were doing a shit job.noneck
    • and they weren't worth having as clients in the first placehans_glib
    • It's true, everyone can be a designer. But good ones a rare, great ones even more so.monoboy
    • I got a call last year form a startup with a Wix website looking for help. They'd spent weeks tweaking the fuck out of it and it was a total mess.monoboy
    • But it's free he said. Hmm, and how many billable hours have you spent on it I ask. Oh, er. erm. £5Ks worth as it happens.monoboy
    • The problem here isn't the tech. It's the fact that everyone 'wants' to be a designer and they haven't the first clue about how long it takes to do a good job.monoboy
    • Are we talking about graphic design or web devoloment here?monospaced
    • ^ canva does it allGnash
    • I’m sorry, but isn’t this just graphic designers making money?monospaced
    • Meh. If you’re threatened by this, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work.monospaced
    • Templates, templates everywhere....Wish every career became as automated and accessible.Maaku

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