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    How do I support a friend whose cat of 16 yrs just passed?

    Not heartless, but I don’t know what that kind of companion is like.

    • http://s2.quickmeme.…utopian
    • thats tough, you can try to distract them some how but they will be coming home to a missing family member.BabySnakes
    • this will require some elbow grease
      and may or may not piss your friend off…
    • Thanks Snakes, the funny thing is that his buddy was def holding on for him. But his life has been burdened by caring for his cat; he bought a house and had tonotype
    • Live elsewhere because there are coyotes on premises + his roomie has a put up (but he allowed them
      to rent from him) so he was living back with his mom at 40
    • I feel like this new chapter will now open up to him. He messaged me saying that his pet was the only thing in his life that gave him unconditional love :/ notnotype
    • true.notype
    • put up = pit bull (on iPhone)notype
    • It's not that different from losing a family member, especially after 16 years.set
    • it's not a burden if you love 'emPonyBoy
    • I lose my 17 y-o cat in 2017, i know the feeling. Its really like losing a family member, its hard to understand for outsiders,Bennn
    • especillay if they dont have/love animals.Bennn
    • damn... sorry Bennn.notype
    • I'm letting him know I'm thinking of him (even lit a candle for him last night ): can't imagine what that love is like... going to send a care package for him,notype
    • not sure what to put in it, maybe games + lots of chocolates.notype
    • I think the saddest thing I've read here is that you've never loved an animal! You should get a pet..set
    • I agree w/ you set.notype
    • my cat of 16years just passed. which one of my friends are you? tell me so i can punch you in the face the next time you come over.kona
    • to be honest, i've been thinking of this little one https://www.instagra…notype
    • ^^ 16 y-o and their owners cant keep her?? wtf. It's like throwing your 95 y-o grandma in the streets! They better have a very good reason.Bennn
    • notype, if you give that old cat love and care for the last steps of her little cat life, you'll be my hero of the year.Bennn
    • Bennn I’ll see her this weekend and report back.notype
    • :)Bennn
    • did ever had a cat before? Know that she probably will be afraid a little and hide in the house for 12 to 72 hours.Bennn
    • Cats needs a little time to test and explore their new territory. She will come at you step by step when she's ready, give her space and calm at first.Bennn
    • She needs to understand she's safe with you, that your house is safe.Bennn
    • And at 16 y-o she's like an old grandma, help her getting off high sofa and chairs when you can. Or put something to help her jump on the bed or sofa. :)Bennn
    • At 16, she may have 6 months to i'd say max 2 years to live. Its very quick when their time is coming, it often happen in like 4 to 8 weeks.Bennn
    • :3
      <3 will report back by Monday
    • didn't think this post would end up with me possibly adopting a 16 yo cat.notype
    • Awesome :)set
    • Old cats are awesome cats :) Just take care of 'em and treat him like you'd treat a human beingBennn
    • Dont drop her on the floor when you hold her, people do this with cats, but at 16y-o, help her old bones a little.Bennn
    • set, I had a cat when I was younger. I believe my father released her in a park— never asked him about it til this day. Loved her dearly.notype
    • We thought she ran away- but came back 2 wks later. Then “ran away” again. I don’t know that my father was a fan.notype
    • Bennn, I never understand how/why people drop cats that way.notype
    • i knowBennn
    • She was wonderful :3
      Required daily shots + meds. With traveling, and living solo, I am not sure I'd be the best candidate... it would be a lot to ask friends
    • to take on while I'm away. Kind of bummed about it, hope someone scoops up that baby soon.notype
    • She'd do well in a home with a lot of people (kids?) & life in it. I don't know though...notype
    • Yeah its better that way if you often leave. People often thinks that cats can be alone, but they are more social than we thinkBennn
    • and can be anxious when alone. My cats were waiting for us at the doors everyday or comes running to us when entering.Bennn
    • everytime my gf was late, the cats were anxious waiting at the door.Bennn
    • She was alone in her cage, surprised they didn’t pair her with the 10 yr old. I’d want to get 2 with the commute I have home. Hope she finds a home.notype

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