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  • SteveJobs4

    I haven't entered into an internet debate in years. And given the bits and pieces of scrap I've seen floating down the cover of this site, showcasing an outstanding display of close-mindedness and utter lack of respect for others and their beliefs (or lack thereof), I think I'll continue letting you all chip away at solving everyone else's problems and whatever other completely non-futile tasks you're carrying out.

    I promise the rest of us self-righteous folk will totally NOT be over here eating popcorn and admiring the spectacle.

    • Are you new here?detritus
    • MJ popcorn.pango
    • b-b-but you're an idiot! something something cunt! lizard people are real!scarabin
    • well that was even more of a pointless post than my memento of the denver dentisthans_glib
    • https://media.giphy.…OBBTKN
    • you're dead to me SteveJobs. Either jump in the game or get outta here.capn_ron
    • lol @ scarabinfadein11
    • *searches beard for weed crumbs*scarabin_net
    • I'll sit next to you with a jointMaaku
    • Totally something someone who is racist and bigoted sexist would say. Hey everyone. Racist bigot sexist over here.cannonball1978
    • I haven't had an argument in real life for yearsset
    • ^ Are you single?Maaku
    • lol, no. The last argument I reckon I had was about 2 years ago with my ex. The new one isn't in to that shit.set
    • ... and nor am I because I let it all out here =)set
    • Someone didn’t do their research on YouTube!!!! Do your research. Here are YouTube links and conspiracy theory sites. Don’t talk until you research yourself.monospaced
    • So are all beliefs worthy of respect or just the ones you hold or don't have a particular problem with?i_monk
    • Are you not, in fact, disrepecting beliefs by taking that position?i_monk
    • Fuck Apple...lazy, greedy, mutha fuckers.utopian

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