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  • Maaku1

    Taste? Anything you guys dislike in particular? Type of food?

    DMA is the art museum between downtown and uptown.

    Deep Ellum, informal neighborhood east of downtown is basically 3 parallel street that has a bunch of different bars & restaurants that about 4 blocks. There are 2 breweries in Deep Ellum, Brain Dead, and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Good and comfortable for bar hopping, nice murals, everything is close and there's something for everyone. Try Pecan Lodge for BBQ and Emporium Pies, right next, for their awesome pies.

    Uptown, like Deep Ellum, offers a variety of different bars and restaurants, the scene is a little snobbier and the crowd might be younger sometimes?

    Bishop Art District, southwest of downtown (or Oak Cliff), is a quieter and smaller Deep Ellum.

    There are other things, it all depends on what you want to do.
    Cidercade is a cider brewing company that has a large room full of arcades. You pay $10 and can play everything for free. I'd go to a beer brewery, first, and then move on there for some retro fun.

    • Yup, typos everywhere... paying attention to my meeting as I type this :)Maaku
    • that Cidercade sounds like a blast. Her and I love playing arcade games with adult beverages in hand. Thanks Maaku.capn_ron
    • awe crap! cidercade is closed right now for upgrades. just looked it up.capn_ron
    • There's another place called Free Play in Richardson. Similar conceptturnerworks

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