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    I was just there last week and am going back next week.

    There are fun bars in Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts, Lower Greenville, and Uptown and great restaurants all over. You'll find cool art galleries in the Design District and the Dallas Arts District is one of the World's largest, boasting a "who's who" of World-class venues designed by folks like Barnes, Pei, Piano, Foster, Prince-Ramos, Koolhaas, Mayne, etc.

    Dallas is a major city with a lot to do, so it really boils down to what you're into, but definitely eat BBQ at Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum (get there early...the line wraps around the block at busy times) and visit the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District.

    • oh man. good looking out mondo! do you go out there often?capn_ron
    • Yeah, pretty often. I was born here in SD but grew up in Big D.MondoMorphic
    • deep ellum - clubs and tattoo shops
      lower greenville - clubs and frat boys
    • One other suggestion, go to Klyde Warren Park. The bartenders at Savor (in the park) are exceedingly friendly which usually manifests itself as free drinks.MondoMorphic
    • Second Pecan Lodge! You can skip the regular line if you order The Trough from the express line. A little of everything and feeds 4–5 people.turnerworks
    • Second Deep Ellum - Pecan Lodge is the shit and there's a good little bar/record store in the area too that I forget the name of.ben_
    • ^ Off the Recordturnerworks

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