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    You could sneak into the observation deck of Reunion Tower after it closes to have it to yourself. Go up the elevator to the restaurant level, go through the door across from it and down some stairs and out another door to the observation area. Just make sure you stick something in the door to keep it from locking behind you! :)

    • Dallas Stars game Saturday, if you're into hockeyjohnny_wobble
    • maybe something happening at the Texas Theater, where Lee Harvey Oswald hid out.johnny_wobble
    • oh hell yeah! this could be a thursday night thing when we get in.capn_ron
    • LOL, be careful, haven't done it in years. Ever heard "went to Texas on vacation, came home on probation."?johnny_wobble
    • haha. haven't heard that, but hey, probation is better than dying.capn_ron

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