Virtual Reality?

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  • detritus3

    Ooh, new Vive Pro unveiled at CES2018 looks nice - 'no sub pixels visible - even pixels are hard to discern'. We're getting there!…

    Doesn't say anything about refresh rates though, which seems to be one of the bigger issues.

    • I didn't read the entire article, but I wonder how much graphics power is needed to push all those pixels. Consumer level.monospaced
    • 'Enough' to keep things expensive for now, but if there's one thing that comes down in price quick, it's GPU/CPU's ability to hypershit computations...detritus
    • To get consistent performance you need a 1060/70 as a minimum. But GPU prices are all over the shop because of those cryptocurrency fannies.face_melter
    • Yup. Basically, if you want to use one, you’re tethered to a gaming rig. Not quite off the shelf gear yet. When it has an integrated gpu, then it’ll cook.monospaced
    • ...and when the GPU's on our heads, then we'll cook :)detritus
    • Yeah, I really want a 1070 firing at 90-100% strapped to my head.face_melter

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