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    • Kinda crazy and sad that wall street is hitting record numbers, but we can't pay for public schools. It says a lot.twooh
    • look locally at Baltimore's bureaucracy if you want a clue who's to blame (meaning: can't manage money for shit) and stop comparing it to the Dow ffsPonyBoy
    • To not take note of the record profits would be ignorant. Where do you think money to pay for things comes from? It is horribly sad.formed
    • Worse is how many lap up the 'cut everything!' selfishness. Sure, inefficiencies suck, but just robbing the future will kill America.formed
    • 40+ years of austerity can't be to blame, it must be mismanagement and liberal spending! More cuts will cure it!i_monk
    • sure sure... never blame the local bureaucracy for terrible decisions, consistent poor spending and pitiful leadershipPonyBoy
    • Because the Dow has everything to do w/how Baltimore taxes and spends those taxes... right? This is whiny emotional post, Dave.PonyBoy
    • Get out your butterfly net and go hunt down some efficiency fairies.i_monk
    • How do I go about gathering silly unbalanced comparisons of local shitshow bureaucracies vs. good stock market news? Is there a net for that?PonyBoy
    • I agree with PonyBoy. Every time the President references the stock market as if that were related to his policies, he looks like a fucking retard.monospaced

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