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  • zaq7

    omg finally decided to get that GED

    • This was one of my all time favorite Far Side cartoonsfooler
    • ^ haha same. I think about it every time i push a door you're supposed to pull or vice versa.SteveJobs
    • Oh man me too.ArmandoEstrada
    • Genius Equivalency Diplomaomg
    • The kid is banging his head over the idiot who put an unnecessary "PULL" sign on a door that was designed with a pull handle.omg
    • Is he, omg? Think about it. Yeah. .. you’re a dumb ass. No way around it.monospaced
    • did you notice how the handle conveys the door requires pulling, not pushing. a sign like that is meant for folks like you.omg
    • oh yuriGuyFawkes
    • lolHayoth
    • A lot of the time genius doesn't have a lot of common sense so this images doesn't seem to absurd.microkorg
    • In that case, omg, I trust you'll stop posting comic panes from that god awful artist who needs to spell everything out for his readership!detritus
    • lolfadein11
    • I thought he went to Biggly_niko
    • @detritus. since his name is posted on every comic and folks still do not know his name. I trust you'll understand why spelling things out is still important.omg
    • I'd rather not further his name, given his complete unimportance to my (actually - 'all') existence, and as language allows for the non-explicit, I'm good.detritus
    • Best part is that omg thinks he’s got good comebacks. But really only sounds even more retarded the more he types.monospaced

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