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  • Beeswax2

    Lana Del Rey could be sued by Radiohead as the band accuse the pop-star of copyright infringement over similar-sounding hit

    • I mean out of all songs decide on Creep to rip and expect nothing happens?Beeswax
    • lol what an idiot.fadein11
    • lol what a creepGuyFawkes
    • yup rippedutopian
    • haha wow, that is incredible...kingsteven
    • She could claim she's never heard Creep can't she? It's more possible than impossible that someone can create a song exactly the samemicrokorg
    • .... Infinite monkey theorem.microkorg
    • She is stupid for offering them 40% royalties in the first place even though she says it was not inspired by their song. That's admitting 40% guilt. lolmicrokorg
    • turgid nonsense. radiohead should sue for defamationhans_glib
    • First time I heard that song i thought it was inspired by Creep on purpose. Seems like they tried to steal it for free. Its a blatant rip off.Bennn
    • I hear Can and Galaxie 500 are going to sue Radiohead for their entire back catalogue.face_melter
    • And that Neu have been given special dispensation to kick each member of Radiohead in the pills before every live show.face_melter
    • What Nue track did they rip off? There's a difference between influence and taking a melody.section_014
    • all they had to do was pick up the phone and it would have likely been fine. they/she deserves it imhofadein11
    • I was reading a bit about this, apparently Radiohead themselves were sued over ripping off another older song.yuekit
    • ^ And in fact those people won in court and now own part of the royalties of "Creep"yuekit
    • ^ 2 years earlier (1972) Albert Hammond:…Krassy
    • Seems like a lot of pop artists these days do this. But i like the song anywayssince1979

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