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    Bad idea to "like", on dating site, a colleague working in another department (rarely x paths)? Great match, I think at this point I can just go up and talk to them.

    • *with themnotype
    • It's better to pretend never seen their dating profile in my opinion if they are your colleagues. Just fake bump into them and ask out for coffee.pango
    • People usually use dating site for people out side of their circle.pango
    • good point.notype
    • I've had people I'm connected to on FB reach out to me on dating sites, I always wonder why they just couldn't say hello on FB? What has social meds done to us?notype
    • I'm guessing contacting you / them through a dating sites makes your intentions clear right away ?spl33nidoru
    • yeah don't "like" someone you could actually talk to face to facesarahfailin
    • ^notype

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