Black Mirror

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  • notype2

    Dang look at this thread, so is it really this good. Should I order take out and get into season 1?

    • yes watch it allfadein11
    • AbsolutelyRamanisky2
    • will do.notype
    • shut up and do it already!!!
      remember deserts
    • wtf it's not on Prime :/notype
    • Netflix buddy!pango
    • are you that guy who doesn't have netflix?pango
    • lol prime all the way. it's very good.notype
    • i have it. it just doesn't have as many shows i watch...pango
    • Prime is a major letdown.monospaced
    • notype. want netflix log in? let me know. i'll let you use mind till you finish black mirror at least.pango
    • how is prime a letdown? music, better films, decent TV and same day or next day free delivery on pretty much anything lol. its way better value than Netflixfadein11
    • because it is way more than Netflix. The two together are the perfect combo and still peanuts.fadein11
    • Yeah, wanna trade something pango? ;) trying to think of a service where I have multiple accountsnotype
    • On season 2. Watched the first 2 1/2 on gotomovies and the 3rd episode stopped in the middle. I cannot live like this lolnotype
    • Get on with it!
      And check yo fax.
    • !notype
    • Prime has shittier movies, shittier shows, shittier interface and shit quality music. Hulu and Netflix kick it’s ass for watchable content.monospaced
    • :)monospaced

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