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  • HijoDMaite3

    God I love California! I paddled out on Tuesday with a 4/3 suit and it was almost to warm lol. I saw a couple dudes trunking it!

    took this pic before jumping in water

    • I pity the fool that wears a wet suit and waits in a lineup!moldero
    • It was flat af, but I had fun on my friends big ass 11 footer.HijoDMaite
    • its flat as fuck down here too, god damned winter w/ the baja north swell sucks!
      it's long board season for us.
      Cali's dope in the winter,
    • had some 12's last month about 20 clicks north at marmols, that was fun, that shit's all gone now thoughmoldero
    • Is there ever any good surfing in socal? Particularly for newbs who don't want to get in anyone's way? hahaSteveJobs
    • lol Steve, have you been to SoCal?monospaced
    • niceSunSunSun_

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