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  • zaq9

    omg on qbn

    • omg is someone's weird hobby, isn't it?scarabin
    • zaq most likely evolved from a monkey, but quite possibly shares 50% genetic code with a banana.omg
    • i tend to agree with you scarabin. omg seems way too contrived to be a real person, just someones second troll account for fun here.capn_ron
    • yupGuyFawkes
    • I'm glad they added the asterisk so that this post would be SFWTurboslacker
    • omg is using a second burner account trolling QBN in anonymity. Our mods said that he is masking his IP address. Georges would be very proud!utopian
    • one day omg is going to finally reveal him/herself and it is going to end up being miguex. I'm calling it now. Mark my words. he is a creep that miguex!capn_ron
    • lolGuyFawkes
    • omg and hayoth are too one-dimensional to be actual peoplescarabin
    • i'm holding on to the belief that they're both paid up accounts in a russian troll farm - do not sense a shred of permanence of personality fro either of them.kingsteven

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