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  • PonyBoy0

    starting to see the glitches / areas of slowdown... late 2013 MBP used to scream... Updated Adobe package to CC 2018... zzzzz.

    ...this blows :/

    • I've updated and my oldish imac performance seems better. did it slow down after CC 2018 update?fadein11
    • factory restoresince1979
    • certain adobe apps have just become a touch glitchy / finicky... I get the pinwheel quite often in Illustrator and PS during certain functions I use...PonyBoy
    • ... often (eg—anything from 'save for web' to pathfinder actions in Illustrator)PonyBoy
    • I haven't updated to CC 2018 so I will hold fire on thatfadein11
    • Spinning drive or SSD? If spinning, put in a SSD most of your issues will go away...ArmandoEstrada
    • ssdPonyBoy
    • MPB (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
      2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
      16 GB RAM
      2 GB vid card
    • and I've got well over 100gig of drive space available
      Just a note: a couple of other app updates (I updated fontXplorer and Fetch amongst other things)...
    • ... seems to be helping out. (I have these apps running aside adobe etc as I work)... soooo—update all your other shit if updates are available... seems to helpPonyBoy
    • https://www.titanium…

      Run that, restart.
    • nice, thanks... seems highly reviewed/rated, armando... *downloadsPonyBoy
    • I did have some weird performance after HS 10.13.2 upgrade from Sierra; Next morning everything was faster, apps that locked up were fine, etc.evilpeacock
    • I think there is a slow background index or AFP conversion/diagnosti... that runs even long after the upgrade is booted and running. Once done things perk up.evilpeacock
    • It can also help to re-run the Combo updater after running the full update. This will catch things that sometimes go wonky (usually third-party software).evilpeacock
    • thanks for the heads up ponyGuyFawkes

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