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  • i_monk6

    After weeks... didn't get the job :/

    • Sorry bro.DRIFTMONKEY
    • crap.... it might be our fault...
    • Don't give up!OBBTKN
    • Yup, been there last month, 2 extensive and multiple interviews but didn't get the job... More jobs will appear before the end of the quarterrobotron3k
    • bummer.
      and after all that effort.
    • Sorry, dude!

      Chin up. Onto better opportunities. Always.
    • The "interview" process sucks these days... it's such a huge investment of time putting all the pressure on the employee.yuekit
    • hey i_monk, take a day but keep pressing. one thing I've noticed is that each time I got the disappointing letter, it just set me up for something which was sonotype
    • *is so much more deserving. You'll get the job you want bud - n' we'll all be here to celebrate with you ;)notype
    • the girlfriend went through same thing. 1 month of back and forth. multiple interviews. they passed on her.futurefood
    • she secures another job. then a month later they reach out to her asking to interview again. bunch of ass clowns...futurefood
    • Hate the time wasted. They should give away $100 non-refundable deposits before each interview.Maaku
    • I'm coming for you pango!i_monk
    • sorry to hearGnash
    • burn the past like yodasince1979
    • sucks!utopian
    • Ask them, what you could do better. And then decide, if you want to do that at your next opportunity.
      But most important: Don't worry.
    • Ask for some structured feedback and tell them you want to use it for the next opportunity - keep doing this and you'll get the right jobSlashPeckham
    • Ha. As if. ^since1979

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