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  • mg330

    Mono and mugwart, I’m certain but I think you guys are confusing Mel Gibson’s movie Hacksaw Ridge from 2016 with Clint Eastwood’s horrible movie Heartbreak Ridge.

    If so LMAO. Heartbreak Ridge is a garbage movie. Hacksaw Ridge was absolutely amazing in every sense.

    • I’m not confusing a thing. That Garfield piece was a total Christian propaganda joke at best.monospaced
    • It’s okay to have an opinion on the quality of a meal Gibson film. I personally think it was no good. Couldn’t even finish due to worst dialogue ever in a film.monospaced
    • Lol @ Meal Gibsondopepope
    • haha autocorrectmonospaced
    • Even if it’s not true it’s hilarious I thought you guys might be talking about the wrong movie. :Dmg33
    • Attack monospace! Get those christians! Attack! Attack!Hayoth
    • I’m not attacking them you dense fuck.monospaced
    • Hacksaw Ridge was terrible.monoboy
    • Garfield?yuekit
    • James Garfield. The main actor in Hacksaw Ridge.monospaced
    • There are no atheists in foxholes.face_melter

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