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    Watched it this past weekend with great anticipation. Felt a bit let down until I read a bit more about the battle and the movie. I’m honestly shocked to see the variety of reviews that call it the best war movie ever. Absolutely, positively NO WAY that is true. It had drama and suspense but nothing on the scale of all time classic like Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, or even Hacksaw Ridge.

    I ended up watching the last third of Dunkirk twice, and while it resonated once I knew more about the story, it was just... not sure what the word is. It wasn’t boring, it just had a pace that was so much different than typical WW2 movies. I think knowing the story helped, otherwise I can understand how many people would have no idea what was going on and think it was boring as hell.

    • Not even close to the first 2 you mentioned ... I would also like to give Platoon an honorary mention.Ramanisky2
    • Hacksaw Ridge? Apocalypse Now, Bridge over the river Kwai, Merry Christmas mister Lawrence, Laurence of Arabia?mugwart
    • Its just modern marketing, the studio pays for certain reviews. They are making Nolan the new Kubrick. I have to be careful here but wonder woman's reviews gotmugwart
    • my goat. First female role model ever... Ripley? Sarah Conner? If you know your cinema Meiko Kaji. But its all paid formugwart
    • Watched it y'day funnily enough and agree. Visually stunning but felt flat.fadein11
    • They totally failed to show how many soldiers were on that beach as well, 400,000. Atonement did that way better. The beach looked empty most of the time.fadein11
    • Forgot about AtonementRamanisky2
    • Also saw it this week, and I agree with this review. Also mugwart, Hacksaw Ridge was an awful film. Probably one of the worst ever made.monospaced
    • Clint. ... has had a slow decline.... do love him and always will.mugwart
    • The Brits lost about 100 aircraft there. This movie makes it seem like they only dispatched a few, saving them for future battles.raf
    • A collection of v.impressive set pieces with little connection to the historical realityfadein11
    • Are you guys talking about Heartbreak Ridge??? LMAO that was made by Eastwood and sucks. I’m talking about Hacksaw Ridge that Mel Gibson made.mg33
    • No. I’m talking about hacksaw ridge.monospaced

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