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  • oey0

    I'm watching the 8th Episode from the 2nd Season of Hannibal and Hannibal's accent changed. Like more into Duffy Duck. WTF happened?

    Something else, this show has two female characters that were male characters on the book but why do that and then stereotype them?

    The actor with the main character role is trying so hard while the actor for Hannibal is just being coll...and it works.

    What a difference. I'm enjoying the show though in the beginning I thought it was too much CSI and the Music was nothing special.

    Well some things got better but that accent thing is ruining everything for two episodes now.

    • You still get to see the fight scene between Morpheus and Hannibal (S3, E5)!PonyBoy
    • shit... kind of a spoiler there... sorryPonyBoy
    • They kinda piss all over the source material, but it's still kinda good. The creativity of the serial killers they make up is fantastic.dopepope
    • kinda gets a bit silly with how many brilliant and diversely stylistic serial killers all live in that one city.dopepope
    • LOL @ PonyBoyoey
    • seriously sorry about the Spoiler! You've already seen the great fight between those two by now though if you're on Season 2 (season 2 opener)PonyBoy
    • The DP on Hannibal was the same guy that did The man in the high castle. You can tell.Morning_star

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