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  • dbloc1

    The part I don't get is what would be the benefit of the government lying to everyone about the shape of the earth? And are all governments involved in this secret flat earth society? So stupid.

    • Secret Round Earth Societydbloc
    • Yeah, the benfits of lying about the shape of the Earth aren't readily apparent.Continuity
    • For 52 million dollars a day, NASA can do lots of Tom Foolery...robotron3k
    • I guess the theory is if a creator made the earth aquarium, then they would be more powerful than science. So would you pray to God or Neil Degrass-Tyson?robotron3k
    • what does the shape have anything to do with that?dbloc
    • Religious texts all say flat earth for 5000 yrs, Science says round for 500 yrs. So people move away from a god if science is correct, or vise versa.robotron3k
    • Interesting to note, the Vatican has some of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Including one with NASA.robotron3k
    • That's not true in the slightest. People have universally understood it is a sphere since the ancient Greeks. It was dark ages that invented flat earth.monospaced
    • and even then it was only parts of Europe that ever bought into the religious farse that even suggested a flat worldmonospaced
    • If there was a conspiracy, and there isn't, it would have bee universal for thousands of years across every discipline ever developedmonospaced
    • It gives the mentally deficient something to think about other that whacking off, watching Rocko's Modern Life repeats, and eating paint.face_melter
    • lol@face_melterkona
    • I like Rocko.lemmy_k

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