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  • dbloc7

    • well donealiastime
    • UXAl_dizzle
    • This is why I LOVE the harmony remote. Old people need no coaching to handle my setup of 6 devices.monospaced
    • UX vs. UIutopian
    • excellentset
    • grandpabliznutty
    • ahahahahaMiguex
    • mono you would give the harmony remote to a granny?mekk
    • absolutely! not the one with touch screens, just the harmony companion one, it's very very simplemonospaced
    • ah yeah I only knew the one with screen. Idk, I have my whole home theater set up and everything works with the small remote from TV, even kodi and ps4 netflixmekk
    • My home theater setup, which I use for everything, is only better with the Harmony Companion. One button to switch inputs and turn things on and off.monospaced
    • $150, you can't go wrong. Quite possibly the best remote I've ever used.
    • The battery lasts years too. Years, not days or weeks.monospaced
    • shit, it even controls my lights if I want it tomonospaced
    • ^ do you need the companion and the fancy one, mono? I need to consolidate but I'm afraidGnash
    • The companion is a standalone remote. I've had the fancy ones. They are overkill. The companion is perfect for 99% of people I'd say.monospaced
    • Plus the receiver lets you use any device as a digital remote if the physical one breaks, using the configuration app.monospaced
    • get a roku and forget about itsarahfailin
    • Harmony can also control the Roku with ease. The Roku cannot control the cable box, AV receiver, blu-ray and media player all at the same time.monospaced
    • ditch cable-- it sucks ;) and buying blue ray hard disks? contemporize,man!sarahfailin
    • cheers, mono.Gnash
    • Thanks mono. Purchased. Never heard of it before today.fadein11
    • Cable and blu ray is the only way to get quality audio. Streaming is great and I do it all the time. Blu ray hardly used but still good once in awhile.monospaced

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