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  • sarahfailin0

    Anybody here use Joomla?
    My work uses it to manage their website and it is the jankiest CMS I've ever used. I'm not the most experienced in this area, but it seems like we could do a lot better.

    • Haven't used that since 2009 :)Maaku
    • joomla is really bare bones, ive used it and its one of the more complicated cms's out there, drupal being next.pockets
    • ya that shit is oldBabySnakes
    • I know the guy who built it and have been to a few of their conventions around Europe. Couldn't give a shit about the CMS but they're always fun eventsset
    • I used to like it years a go, very usefull to build websites from scratch when you get to understand his "guts"... built tons of sites with it...OBBTKN
    • ...I barely use ot nowOBBTKN
    • All we use here. Pretty wack though LOLHayzilla

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