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  • BH261

    Well It’s Wednesday. Might as well move the consulate to Jerusalem. And piss off all of the Middle East.

    • yup, this is gonna be fun._niko
    • Chief Shit Stirrerscruffics
    • expect more terror soonfadein11
    • With hamas and hezbollah on the ropes, this is a great time. Some might be cautious but I'll bet GCC allied nations will support the move.IRNlun6
    • a great time for what? no peace process? Because that's what this likely means.fadein11
    • It's a new time in that region. Israel is working with and sharing intelligence with regional Arab allies to fight terrorism.IRNlun6
    • Most of Hamas and Hezbollah financing has been cut off due to Qatar-Gulf crisis and Saudi corruption crackdown.IRNlun6
    • Peace can be more likely attainted now that main groups causing terror are being defanged.IRNlun6
    • Alas Israel is the main cause of terrorfadein11
    • threatening to open the gates of hell is hardly the opinion of a rational playerIRNlun6

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