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  • zaq10

    Roasted by Moore

    • Seriously, when the fuck are you guys going to dump this joke of a president?Hayzilla
    • the idiots and assholes are winningmonospaced
    • I don't even like Michael Moore, but this is funny.PhanLo
    • haha ya, roasted.dorkKn1ght
    • donnie's followers don't carehans_glib
    • I'm not sick and tired of all of the winning
    • this asshole also thinks Hamilton is overratedmonospaced
    • popcorn worthy, can't wait for Trumpy's response.Miguex
    • Hamilton is overrated. Trumpty Dumpty is still an idiot though.dirtydesign
    • I like the fact you can actually slag someone of power off. Wish UK was like this.mugwart
    • lol okay :)monospaced
    • #6 aside, none of these are slanderous, so fair game here in the UK. You never read Private Eye, Mugwart? (I hate it personally, but it's often quite raw)detritus
    • hans_glib you're right, but I think the bigger concern is his followers won't know. The news sources they follow don't generally report anti-Trump news.MondoMorphic
    • ^^ yes I do know of it. Their offices were near to where I worked. I'm not a big fan. Just think English sense of humor needs to come back!mugwart
    • Season 1 of American Reality Show is almost over. Can't wait for season 2!dbloc

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