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  • colin_s5

    Why the hell does anyone still care?

    Every other war criminal that has run some aspect of this sick hellhole of global kneecap breakers turned gold mine called the US government got away with it.

    Until every White House official since Reagan who remains alive is hung in a public square, giving a shit about the woman who botched quite possibly the easiest possible route to power in human history is the same ridiculous fuckery that got us all in this bullshit to begin with

    • the voice of reasonfadein11
    • she was Secretary of State and is / was accused of a number of criminal acts... this is not about some woman who 'botched' an electionPonyBoy
    • but Benghaaaaaaaaaaazi
      amirite PonyBoy ??
    • just being honest about what the shrew is accused of. Either you're disillusioned or just blind... making it sound like she hasn't been accused of anything...PonyBoy
    • ... outside of fucking up an election is about as intellectually dishonest as you can get.PonyBoy
    • Not to forget the women she helped to silence w/payoffs etc (those whom Billy raped)...this woman is a piece of garbage and should be curbed by the demsPonyBoy
    • @pony, I don't disagree. She's awful. But take any single person from the W Bush years and they're ten times worse yet nobody is calling for bloodcolin_s
    • And as far as 'why does anyone still care?' Cuz she won't go the fuck away!!!PonyBoy
    • If you truly cared about "freedom" or whatever, any and all instances of state collusion to monetary interests would garner this kind of rage.colin_s
    • zero argument from me, colin... take them out. I want them all gone... I'm the furthest from being 'partisan' when it comes to crime / abuse of power.PonyBoy
    • but Trump good ...
      amirite PonyBoy ??
    • No, Ram :)PonyBoy
    • hmm, strange I've never seen you post any thing negative about the Dotard ... amirite????Ramanisky2
    • You are wrong :)PonyBoy
    • Ponyboy always makes a good point, think you may be a little bit unfair here. Him and I are prob polar opposites but he always makes an interesting comment.fadein11
    • maybe there should be an investigation into those accusations, and an all-day hearing where she answers questions ... oh waitmonospaced
    • don't confuse him with the Trumptards. not sure he's ever said anything in support of Trump.fadein11
    • But colin is right here... why Hilary is singled out continuously when the corrupt shit has been going on for decades is just a bit silly really.fadein11
    • omg still cares. PonyBoy still cares. Robo still cares. All because they have nothing else and can't stomach accepting they put a donkey in office.kona
    • They are avoiding responsibilities for their and their candidates own conduct by blaming others (Hillary) for causing it.kona
    • ^ BINGOOOOO !!!
      is he right PonyBoy????
    • I may have missed something but is ponyboy a Trump supporter? I don't think he has ever said as such.fadein11
    • I have never supported the orange turd... folks mistake my demanding the left be held just as accountable as the right as being a trump supporter...PonyBoy
    • That’s not proof of support for Trump but merely proof that some of you can’t read ;) —minus fade... he and I def get each other—I appreciate the respect, dudePonyBoy
    • what do you mean by "won't go away?"monospaced
    • Because it's impossible to defend trump. That's why omg brings up Hillary so often. As a way to derail.pango
    • What do mean, mono? She’s nonstop in the news... only a fucking idiot wouldn’t notice that... are you a.. fucking idiot, mono? :)PonyBoy
    • you're not good at trolling, PonyBoy, leave that to the real fucking idiotsmonospaced
    • but if you're serious about her being in the news non-stop, you really are the fucking idiot :)monospaced
    • She's none stop in the news?
      Breitbart news? What outlet?

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