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    For some reason it never clicked this weekend that today was Monday, not last night as I was pulling the plug on the tree's lights and going to bed with a dead phone, or this morning when I rolled out of bed at 9:30 and proceeded to watch television while I let my very pregnant wife sleep in. Still hadn't realized it when she stormed into the living room upset that I let this happen. I missed a call and everything. Mondays.

    • it was probably so relaxing before it became reality. hahaha. i can only image. Happy Monday!capn_ron
    • It was! I just couldn't figure out why construction guys were up so early on a Sunday, or why a Partner was emailing on the weekend. LOL.monospaced
    • haha, best to worst monday in seconds...OBBTKN
    • ^ hahahamugwart
    • lolBennn
    • this is my worst nightmare.notype
    • ps. congrats on the baby on the way :).. that's why you're missing your Mondaysnotype
    • Haha. Thank goodness we work from home and could play it off like nothing big. I blame the Christmas tree for making me feel like I'm on holiday. Love you all.monospaced

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