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  • BusterBoy1

    If Trump is impeached and thrown out of office, or is forced to resign, I'm sure the second amendment people will have something to say about things.

    • "say about things." do you mean first amendment people?pango
    • No, he means the 2nd Amendment people. It's all noise. These are the same clowns who threatened revolution when Obama was elected... aaaand did nothing.face_melter
    • Just thought 1st amendment people would be more talkative. And 2nd people would be more shooting up the sky kind of people.pango
    • Lock her up
      Look her up
      Lock her up
      Lock her up
    • Trump has people believing the NY Times and networks like NBC are "fake news". People will believe it's a "liberal" conspiracy.freedom
    • People already believe In Rapture and flat earth... so there's that...pango
    • ^hahaha, rapture fuckers are hilarious.PhanLo
    • Guns are for idiots, so they probably won’t say anything smart.kingregis

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