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  • scarabin0

    what do you android users use to listen to mp3 on your phones? this thing doesn't seem to have a native app for playing music, just a ton of streaming apps in the app store

    • also i want to use itunes playlists from my computerscarabin
    • General consensus is that PowerAmp is among the best for sound quality. I used Pulsar, which was nice and light - then settled with BlackPlayer. All v. good.face_melter
    • As for the iTunes thing, I think you'll need some paid software for that to work. I prefer albums/artists so just copied the folders over direct.face_melter
    • Google playset
    • cool, thanks!scarabin
    • I imported my iTunes library to Google play. Worked perfectly..set
    • ^OBBTKN
    • i thought about that but i have like 600gb of music easyscarabin
    • VLCsofas
    • how does 600GB of music work with iTunes on the go? How much do you/did you pay for iCloud storage? Just interested.fadein11
    • it's all on my music laptop i don't carry it all on my mobile, i just heard that google play requires you to upload your collection before you start usingscarabin_net
    • the service, and it usually fucks up with large uploads. i also don't like the idea of paying google AND at&t (data for streaming) to listen to my own musicscarabin_net

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