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    Pamela Anderson: Weinstein’s Accusers Knew What They Were ‘Getting Into’ by Going to Hotel Rooms Alone…

    • Ahhh the voice of sexual reason, at last..set
    • she's gonna get blasted for victim-blaming. sense has no place in identity politicsGnash
    • People hate when the "use your common sense" argument is made, but she not saying they deserved it.robotron3k
    • She's dating Julian Assange. What is life?shellie
    • "Send someone with them to the hotel... they should know better.."
      What the actual fuck... so that is actually the problem?
    • "Hey girl, your skirt was too short, thats why you got raped.. you should have actually used something else that night"Fabricio
    • ^ not what she's saying at all. the problem is the rapist, clearly. she's not transferring blameGnash
    • "if he answers the door in a bathrobe, don't go in"Gnash
    • I got beat up by a gaggle of skinheads once because I wore a DuranDuran t-shirt to a Black Flag concert. I knew it wasn't a brilliant ideaGnash
    • 3 broken ribs later and I rethought my ironic fashion choices at future gigs.Gnash
    • was it fair? was my shirt the problem? was it my fault? no. But I still got traumatized.Gnash
    • In Brazil, a gay person is murdered every 23 hours. Me and some other friends were warned to not hold hands in public...Fabricio
    • So, if I get punched in the street, or worse.. it my fault that this happened because I could clearly see what possible outcome of this situation?Fabricio
    • And not the animals who are actually causing these violence?Fabricio
    • I will NEVER understand this logic, that someone in power, using his resources and influences to get what he wants, and still, somehow...Fabricio
    • Pamela-Fucking-Ander... believes that these girls should know better than going to a hotel with a guy like this alone for a meeting...Fabricio
    • It is ok to expect that the person wont be a sexual creep, dickhead or a creep. If we start thinking that people "should know better" in every fucked up situatiFabricio
    • situation... then we are indeed.. FUCKED!Fabricio
    • PS: Sorry about your broken ribs Gnash :( Still, yeah, the idea wasnt great, but the animals that did this to you is the wrong part of the story.Fabricio
    • for sure they were. and it's obviously not something I need to consider every moment as you do. my situation was insignificant compared to you.Gnash
    • I only think that Pam wasn't trying to blame the girls here - only that it was well known about him. If they didn't know then their agent should have.Gnash
    • Past experience has also taught me not to take back-alley short cuts anymore. I know it's not the same but that's 'my' vs of common sense', as wellGnash
    • and of course it's not your fault if you're attacked. I can't even imagine how horrible that would be, not being able to express yourself for fear of violence.Gnash
    • didn't mean to suggest otherwise. my apologiesGnash
    • Nah, no need to apologise man, I can see your perspective too... but I think that Pamela, as a woman, shouldnt even place the victims as that you know?Fabricio
    • The girls Weinstein moved towards were people that were in disadvantage professionally, he had control of the situation... so it wasnt black and whiteFabricio
    • Im a bit drunk now... so my arguments will be weird hehe :)Fabricio
    • booze, an excellent lubricant for discussion -- but go have fun, instead :)Gnash
    • i don't think she's blaming these women. Nor taking away the pain. Its a shit interview with shit direction directing.mugwart
    • these guys are cunts and have been in a power role in a golden period of money. Hollywood has always been a cesspool. ITs heart breakingmugwart
    • it was one of Lynch's themes in all his films. Especially MD.mugwart
    • its fucked as to get the role they had to get in the hotel, no way around it. These cunts felt they had to own people. but you dont need me to say this.mugwart
    • Yeah, I've watched this interview several times now... and maybe she didnt mean to come across like this...Fabricio
    • Agree with you allset
    • Apart from chukka, who didn't even say anything, but I definitely don't agreeset
    • Just watched a painful talk from black flag designer at the new museum.notype
    • Fabricio- that is why she used the words "common sense" meaning that one is able to see a dangerous situation and avoid it. Therefore that person has agency.cannonball1978
    • If you climb a mountain and its a volcano and you die, you can certainly complain that the volcano had all the power, but you're still an idiot.cannonball1978

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