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  • chukkaphob5

    Trump, you're (almost) Flynn-ished!

    • Pack yo wigs.chukkaphob
    • Hehe, I love when you puds get all worked up and then crash in disappointment... #magarobotron3k
    • robo, #maga is not a good thing right now. You're on the wrong side of history right now.capn_ron
    • poor robomgjazx and Trump voters thought they were voting to MAGA, when in reality they were just enrolling in Trump University.kona
    • robo, nothing disappointing about a a guilty pleamonospaced
    • If you read a few articles it says specifically they are trying to go after Trump associates but not Trump himself.robotron3k
    • It's the Trump administration, and always has been, you clown.monospaced
    • robo, you are saying you still support trump, but not his russian loving associates?capn_ron
    • Wait, you're telling me robo *isn't* an expert on federal investigations? Paint me pink and fuck me sideways - i'm flabbergasted.face_melter

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