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  • HijoDMaite3

    I just read the whole Gypsy saga thing here on the blog and I got to thinking. What would be the equivalent of that here in California?

    So this morning on my way to the office, I walked by a construction site and

    “oh shit” I thought “niggers casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “Mexicans casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “homeless dudes casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    Or is it: “oh shit” I thought “tweakers casing out the place - wonder how long before...”

    I have no idea about gypsys tbh so I am just curious if it’s derogatory by their nationality (or lack there of) or skin colors or status?

    Lol it’s just funny.

    • I don't think there's an equivalent.monospaced
    • itinerant people who speak romani, incorrectly identified as being from egypt = gypsy. a racial slur. https://www.theodyss…sarahfailin
    • these are irish gypsies - literally gypsies, so it's not a derogatory term, just a derogatory lifestyle. (lol, sorry)detritus
    • Most people in Europe don't like them because their lack of respect for laws and common sense social rulesdmay
    • They have their own laws and social rulesdmay
    • No sarah, nothing to do with Romanys. Although they're cunts too (as too Spanish gitanos). And 'gypsy' is NOT a racial slur per se. May as well be though. loldetritus
    • tbf, there're a lot of grounded Romanys these days, and it's unfair they should have the shadow of cuntery fall over them too.detritus
    • People like the authors of that article are the sort of ignorant middle class idiots I referred to in my original gypsy rant.detritus
    • i think gypsy might have become a slur since the gyppos (definitely a racial slur) have debased their own "culture" by behaving so badlyhans_glib
    • when i was a kid we were told they were noble people. i was never too sure as they always seemed very stand-offish and suspicious of mehans_glib
    • (as a kid i once innocently wandered up to a couple of passing caravans to say hello and have a closer look for myself at these "noble people".)hans_glib
    • i don't remember too much about the encounter, bar a hard stare from the mam, and a sorry attempt to make any connection with the kid...hans_glib
    • ... who seemed very old for her age. (or maybe she was old. maybe she was the mam, and the mam was the gran.)hans_glib
    • we have these hippy/backpackers cruising the streets, but I don't think they break many laws. lol…HijoDMaite
    • maybe they are the equivalent?HijoDMaite
    • well if they're Irish they aren't gypsies: https://en.m.wikiped…sarahfailin
    • fascinating ^^ been reading about these travellers.HijoDMaite
    • Thanks Sarah, good to have centuries of linguisic tradition and the very wiki you've linked to proven wrong by incorrect opinings.detritus
    • @Hijo.

      1. Imagine your neighbourhood with a nice green space for playing, walking the dog etc.
      2. 30 caravans turn up in the night + 30 cars all over it.
    • 3. They are loud, obnoxious and aggressive.

      4. They steal everything that isn't nailed down on your streets.
    • 5. They travel door to door asking if you need your drive tarmaced or trees cut down.

      6. They don't pay taxes and are mostly cash in hand builders/landscapers
    • 7. When the council/police finally get them to move on, they leave behind all the rubbish, building rubble and garden waste they accrued in that area.Hayzilla
    • I mean. Just LOOK at these cunts.
    • it is insane. i got one of those flyers handed to me once that amongst fly tipping and gardening services... "WE FIND LOST TREES" wtf.kingsteven
    • also, in ireland they're considered as irish as roma gypsies are considered romanian. only ireland decided to give travelers basic human rights...kingsteven
    • where Romania changed it's country code from ROM to ROU and brought in a ton of discriminatory measures to avoid association...kingsteven
    • Loving the the confusion of trying to explain gypsies to Americans. Closest would be trailer park boys/ white trash... Is this why they made the film Snatch?kingsteven

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