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    The Gaslamp Killer sues rape accusers for defamation

    Last month, a Twitter user named Chelsea took to the platform to share a story that took place in Los Angeles in 2013, accusing The Gaslamp Killer of allegedly drugging and raping her and her friend.

    Now, the DJ (real name William Bensussen) has retaliated by suing both women mentioned in the story (Chelsea Tadros and RaeAn Medina) as well as Chelsea's boyfriend (who helped share the story) for up to $5 million for defamation.

    Chelsea's boyfriend, who apparantly fabricated the story, is what Playboy describes as "Meme-Lord Jack Wagner is the Millennial Andy Kaufman"…

    • basically, any man living in LA with a minimum success, is a rapist.ApeRobot
    • used to know him. hard to believe. i don't think ive ever seen him drink. hes always working. never took him as a pussy hound. im suspicious.shellie
    • hes kinda known for being a really soft, nice fuckin guy. off stage, really super chill.shellie

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