Mad Max: Fury Road

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    Soderbergh on Fury Road:

    I just watched Mad Max: Fury Road again last week, and I tell you I couldn't direct 30 seconds of that. I'd put a gun in my mouth. I don't understand how [George Miller] does that, I really don't, and it's my job to understand it. I don't understand two things: I don't understand how they're not still shooting that film and I don't understand how hundreds of people aren't dead.

    I could almost see that's kind of possible until the polecat sequence, and then I give up. We are talking about the ability in three dimensions to break a sequence into a series of shots in which no matter how fast you're cutting, you know where you are geographically. And each one is a real shot where a lot of things had to go right. I'm going to keep trying; I'm not going to keep trying in the sense that I'm going to volunteer to direct the next Mad Max movie. I'm going to keep trying in the sense that when I have sequences that demand a certain level of sophistication in terms of their visual staging, I'm going to try and watch the people who do it really well and see if I can climb inside their heads enough to think like that.

    But he's off the chart. I guarantee that the handful of people who are even in range of that, when they saw Fury Road, had blood squirting out of their eyes. The thing with George Miller, it's not just that, he does everything really well. The scripts are great, the performances are great, the ideas are great. He's exceptional. I met him once for about 30 seconds at the Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles the year of Fury Road. But you don't want to say that stuff to somebody's face; it's embarrassing.

    • Does it matter what this person says when I truly enjoyed the movie? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯pango
    • he's praising itscarabin_net
    • Wait what?pango
    • Well I stand by my statement! I'm not a sheep! I have my own opinion!!pango
    • His points a valid. How he broke down the cameras/staging/edit... etc was fucking colossal. It's what film making was and should be.mugwart
    • ^ indeed, the whole film screams at you from the opening minute and doesn't stop. Miller is never given enough credit for his ingenuity.face_melter
    • It was a mind blowing film, he hit the nail on the head, still one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen_niko
    • It was so orange. Got very tiresome and old.CygnusZero4
    • But this is high praise from him bc he is an exceptional visual director himself.CygnusZero4
    • His oceans movies look really great.CygnusZero4

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