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    updates to previous posts that I've made in this thread:

    Diary, If you'll remember I hooked up with the hottest chick at a wedding a few weekends ago. She lives 9 hr drive away. Texting was sporadic between us, but she seemed to really open up the last few days and we've been having really good conversation about work, life, and passions. We're getting along real well. There is a chance we'll be in the same place this weekend :) fuck its going to hurt when shit goes sour :( oh well... it'll be fun

    Professional life: I made the really hard decision to turn down a six figure mega job with 20-50% of your salary as a bonus at the end of each year. Yeah I can't believe it but I said no. I spent last month traveling, working remotely, and having more free time to focus on hobbies. I've never been happier in life and its because the risk I took to be an independent designer. I'm going to ride the wave longer and see where it takes me.

    • cheers! :DKrassy
    • PIIHB!!

      With consent.
    • ^signed and notarized... may even want a thumbprintPonyBoy
    • Nice!Mattjanz3n
    • as long as she wasn't the bridesarahfailin
    • you sound very alive!SimonFFM
    • Enjoy being alive! Dont be so negative at the start about the relationship. Just be romantic and see what happens!mugwart
    • Yeah, ride the crazy torpedo until the end and see what happens.face_melter

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