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  • Beeswax2

    Turkey banned paypal last year.
    If you're a US citizen you can't send your money to investment companies outside of the US.
    Online payments sites Skrill or Neteller doesn't accept Americans or even if they do, they give very limited options to send money around.
    It's like there's a wall around every country for their citizen's money.
    Yet the assholes who pass these laws keep all their money in offshores, send anywhere or invest on whatever they want.

    They are all above the laws that diminish our freedom.

    • keep people poor and god fearing.
      how it always works
    • ^ +GuyFawkes
    • When you have enough power. rules don't apply.pango
    • Radicals and assholes in power worldwide, pushing out in power to the moderates... not good mate, sorry for you, srlyOBBTKN

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