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  • Beeswax1

    Wait, according to Paradise papers Trump doesn't have any money in offshore?
    Is he the most honest billionaire?

    • Is he a billionnaire?detritus
    • is he honest?Ramanisky2
    • he's all mouthfadein11
    • can you please define honest?oey
    • maybe he's just not as dishonest.oey
    • if he said that he doesn't have money offshore and if he really doesn't, that makes you an honest billionaire nowadays. don't expect more.Beeswax
    • that also means he accepted to lose money by paying his taxes.
      But i still don't believe that is possible. it will come out if it hasn't already.
    • These are records from one company, it doesn't come close to covering all offshore money.yuekit
    • ^sarahfailin
    • He owes Deutsche bank $1bn in unpaid loans that he had squirrelled offshore by a US broker with ties to Russia.monoboy
    • His wealth is entirely calculated in property and finance deals. He's a total con man.monoboy
    • he's rich with moronic followers who BELIEVE he's an honest billionairemonospaced
    • Thats because he doesn't have any money.sofakingback

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