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    • end of the day, the lens on an phone is always going to struggle against an actual camera..autoflavour
    • WHAT THE FUCK .... this guy knows shit.
      gh4 is not a professional camera. he works in a internet sRGB/Rec709 standards + shit loads of end compression.
    • @1.19 - colour profile baked in ... any professional would run away from that like a plague. YOUR MEANT TO SHOT FLAT. It improves the gradingmugwart
    • sorry ranting again! nothing to see heremugwart
    • you should only compare AFTER the grade.mugwart
    • no mate, you don't shoot tv commercials with an iPhone. who is this hack?inteliboy
    • A feature film was recently shot on an iphone. It did well.since1979
    • I know some have used it for certain sequences and the amount of work it took to fix that was incredible!mugwart
    • No. A whole film.since1979

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