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    People Fed Up With ‘Thoughts And Prayers’
    Demand Action After Texas Church Massacre!…

    • don't know what's more useless, Trump monitoring the situation from Japan , or praying god is with the people._niko
    • #thoughtsmoldero
    • but when you pray for someone who lost their life, you're not praying for them to return to life; you're praying for their souls to go to heaven (and not hell)chukkaphob
    • man who previously beat his wife and cracked his kids skull, escaped mental hospital while serving, dishonorably discharged, passed a background check...IRNlun6
    • ... because of government bureaucracy and incompetence, shoots up a church killing 30+, is stopped by formed NRA instructor.IRNlun6
    • lefts response: pass more laws and mock peoples faith.IRNlun6
    • lol - mocking faith - you all hate Muslims bwahaha.fadein11
    • most people want to get along, it's those with faith who generally don't :(fadein11
    • the twisted logic of today is a rush to defend all Muslims when Islamic radicals slaughter a bunch of people, yet ghoulishly mock prayers when Christians dieIRNlun6
    • now give us your gunsIRNlun6
    • I'd agree many faithful people are pretty hateful, many aren't. Atheists are not exempt from this.IRNlun6
    • noone defends radical Islam (particularly ISIS and those inspired by it), thats just absurd. The issue is when small minded people paint a whole religion (offadein11
    • 2 billion people) with the same brush. That's just retarded. There are a minority of idiots of religious flavours unfortunately.fadein11
    • of all*fadein11
    • Indeed. Then why not extent that courtesy to these victims who did nothing more than wake up one morning and go to church to pray.IRNlun6
    • Show me one example of these people mocking muslims praying, since prayer is such a joke to them.IRNlun6
    • I didn't say that. And I don't think it's even mocking them. It's saying prayer may not be the answer to this problem.fadein11
    • Not saying you. "If prayers did anything, they'd be alive", "your direct line to God is not working" of course it's mocking.IRNlun6
    • Christian prayers are useless, childish superstition and nothing more. As worthy of mocking as anything can be.monospaced
    • And if by saying that YOU interpret some defense of radical islam, or support for muslim prayer as more worthy, then you need to get your head checked.monospaced
    • Over 300 hundred people in Egypt where just murdered... go ahead, mock them, since it's all worthy of mocking.IRNlun6
    • Mocking people after they're murdered in their places of worship shows a complete lack of humanity regardless of what you believe.IRNlun6
    • Nobody's mocking anything, especially me.monospaced
    • I mean, nobody' mocking the murders.monospaced

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